Cymatics Element Leads for Serum Vol.1

Cymatics Element Leads for Serum Vol.1

A lot of the time, a good melody can’t shine without the proper sound.

The melody might be great, but sometimes the lead just won’t sit right.

To help you overcome this barrier we created one of our best collections of leads called Elements for Serum.

Each lead in this pack is designed to cut right through your mix, giving your melody exactly what it needs to shine!

Not only that, but our sound design team also spent countless hours designing the perfect leads that will compliment your melodies in the front row of your song.

Seriously– from 8-bit and chiptune leads, to west-coast hip hop sines, this pack has all the leads you need to make incredible and memorable songs.

And the cool part about these 30 lead presets, is that they’re are fully macro’d for easy customization and are even great for reverse engineering to learn more about sound design!
Once you download Element Leads, you’ll never lack melodic inspiration again.

Included in this pack:

30 Serum Lead Presets


Format: .FXP
File Size (Zipped): 20.7 MB
File Count: 30 Presets

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