Subsonic Artz Nexus 49

Subsonic Artz Nexus 49

Nexus 49 is specially designed to pay a tribute to the sounds and music of the first Bladerunner movie but also to celebrate the new Bladerunner 2049. Nexus 49 will instantly make you dive into the futuristic city of LA 2049...

This bank is a must have for all who love this so unique and special Vangelistic ambiences and sounds.


138 presets to be used only with DIVA vsti.
Requires the version 1.4.1 of DIVA. Installation instructions included.
The patches: 13 AR (Arpeggiators), 2 DR (Drums), 37 FX (Effects), 26 PD (Pads), 14 PL (Pulses), 1 RI (Riser), 26 SC (Soundscapes), 1 SQ (Sequence), 18 SY (Synths).
The modwheel has an action on (almost) every patch for subtle or drastic changes on the sounds.

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