Cymatics Ghost Trap Beat

Cymatics Ghost Trap Beat

Much of the current Hip Hop sound can be classified as Trap Music.

Eerie melodies, snappy 808 percussion, massive low end…

These are all critical attributes of Trap Music that producers like Metro Boomin, London On Da Track, and TM88 have mastered.

Perfecting these elements is a fine art that can be extremely challenging…

Especially with a lack of high-quality resources to learn from.

To help you in your pursuit to create professional-sounding modern Trap Beats, we had one of our top producers create the “Ghost” Trap Beat Project File.

“Ghost” is centered around a dark melody that runs throughout the track, instantly creating and maintaining the signature eerie ambience that is so prevalent in modern Hip Hop today.

The drums and low-end are absolutely massive as well…

The first time we heard “Ghost” when it was finished, we were blown away by the heavy impact created when the drums and bass hit.

Dive into this project and explore these synths, drums, and MIDI to learn precisely how a professional Trap Beat is designed.

Check out the many automation tricks, processing chains, and clever use of foley as well!

Unlock the secrets behind industry-standard Hip Hop production.

Included in this pack:

“Ghost” Ableton Project File
“Ghost” FL Studio Project File
“Ghost” Logic Project File
Format: .ALS / .LOGIC / .FLP

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