F9 Audio F9 Logic X Toolkit V1.4 Standard Edition

F9 Audio F9 Logic X Toolkit V1.4 Standard Edition

Supercharge Your Logic System. F9 Audio is exceptionally proud to present the F9 Toolkit : The most powerful and comprehensive set of upfront and contemporary sounds ever assembled for Logic.

5Gb+ / 270+ Channel strip instruments that are easy to install will supercharge your Logic system. Efficient programming ensures these Channel strips load quickly with no Latency and arrive in your production EQ'd & carefully processed and ready for production.

Created by producers for Logic users at every level. See how powerful your Logic system can be when it's fed the right sounds.

The F9 Toolkit for Logic 9.1.8* and All versions of Logic Pro X*

F9 Toolkit Standard edition:
5GB+ Multi-sampled instruments and Sound Menus
270+ Channel Strip settings

System requirements

At least 15gb free space for download and decompression - ( Download Zip is 4.2 Gb )
Logic Pro 9.1.8 Or any version of Logic Pro X

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