Tetarise Trance Area Vol.3

Tetarise Trance Area Vol.3

The soundbank for Reveal Sound's Spire synthesizer. The soundset contains 128 presets: Leads, Plucks, Basses, Sequences, Keys, Pads, FX and Miscellaneous sounds. All of the patches have the modulation wheel and some macros knobs assigned to morph the sound. The patches created with Spire v.1.5.11.


128 Spire presets in total;
23 Basses;
3 FX;
8 Keys;
35 Leads;
7 Miscellaneous;
9 Pads;
19 Plucks;
24 Sequences.

PC/macOS compatible.

100% Royalty-Free.

Reveal Sound Spire synthesizer Version 1.5.11 Or Higher.

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