Tone Factor '80 Mesaboog EVM12L 1x12 XR IR Pack

Tone Factor '80 Mesaboog EVM12L 1x12 XR IR Pack

This XR IR pack is based on our vintage '80 Mesa Boogie 1x12 cab loaded with its original 200w EVM12L speaker. Often referred to as "the world's greatest guitar speaker", the EVM12L was used in Mesa and Dumble cabs in the '80s and loved by players such as Joe Bonamassa, Zakk Wylde, SRV, Eric Johnson, etc for their high power handling and deep, clear, smooth tone. This pack includes 9 different dynamic, condenser, tube, and ribbon microphones in 4 different positions across the speaker in single-mic and multi-mic blend configurations. Each single-mic IR includes 3 variations: Unaltered Mic, Enhanced, and Top Boost giving you raw and studio refined tonal options for the ultimate IR experience.

This IR pack is a part of our new XR IR Collection [XR = extreme realism], which is the result of countless hours of IR experimentation, development, and A/B testing. The XR Collection is our latest and most accurate line of impulse responses that we have ever created. When compared to the real mic'd cab using the same amp, it is difficult to discern any difference. We are proud to say these IRs deliver the truest representation of a cab in tone, feel, breakup quality, and harmonic information when pushed. Unlike our previous tone-matched IRs, these IRs are universal and can be used on any platform that can load IRs and are not dependent on using specific amp settings to sound correct. A Tone Factor Starters folder with 10 hand-selected IRs from the pack is included to help you get started quickly.


Single Mic IRs captured with 9 microphones in 4 different positions across the speaker:

36 Unaltered IRs.
36 Enhanced IRs processed with additional gear to enhance the tone and harmonic content.
36 Top Boost IRs processed with additional gear to enhance and add a touch more top-end sparkle.

Blended Mic IRs using two different microphones mixed in three different blend ratios [70-30, 50-50, 30-70]:

12 Dynamic + Condenser/Tube IRs
12 Dyanmic + Dynamic IRs
18 Dynamic + Ribbon IRs
6 Ribbon + Condenser/Tube IRs



Shure™ SM57
Shure™ Beta 57
Shure™ 545SD
Sennheiser™ Vintage MD421 U5
Sennheiser™ e906


Royer™ R121
Beyerdynamic™ M160


Soyuz™ 017 Tube
Neumann™ U87

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