Boutique Tones 412 BGNR SL V30

Boutique Tones 412 BGNR SL V30

Based on BOGNER™ SL 4X12 loaded with CELESTION™ VINTAGE 30.

This cabinet was captured with absolute accuracy with these microphones:

"160" based on BEYERDYNAMIC™ M160
"122" based on ROYER™ 122
"421V" based on SENNHEISER™ MD 421N vintage
"441" based on SENNHEISER™ MD 441 vintage
"545D" based on SHURE™ 545D vintage
"57" based on SHURE™ SM57

Cab Pack: 63 IRs for each microphone + 6 Mix Ready IRs for a total of 384 IRs.

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