Vicious Antelope Max Synths Presets

Vicious Antelope Max Synths Presets

Max Synths soundbank contains 30 synth presets for UAD Polymax synthesizer. All of them are actually classic sounding polysynths like punchy shorts, moving sounds, resonant synths, bell-like presets, organic synths and majestic epic vintage patches.

Presets were designed with Polymax v1.0.7 and run best with this or newer edition

Please note:

Try to keep optimal levels of your synth tracks to avoid digital clipping from the synth's output for the best sounding results and to avoid any potential equipment damage. While designing the sounds we try to keep at a good level but as the final level is a result of many different factors e.g., how many keys are pressed and with how much velocity always try to avoid digital clipping.

Using a limiter to ensure that no digital clipping occurs is recommended to keep equipment safe.

Legal notes:

When purchasing our soundbanks you get a Non-Exclusive License to use the included presets as part of your commercial and non-commercial music compositions.

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