Tonepusher Retro Cyberpunk

Tonepusher Retro Cyberpunk

Unleash the sonic futurism with our latest creation – the "Retro Cyberpunk" OBXD Preset Pack by discoDSP. Immerse yourself in the thrilling landscapes of cyberpunk, where gritty beats meet neon-lit cityscapes, and let your music transcend into a realm of electrifying innovation. Crafted exclusively for the OBXD FREE synthesizer plugin, this preset pack is a gateway to a sonic dystopia where the analog warmth of OBXD collides with the cutting-edge sounds of cyberpunk.

Containing 50 presets such as Brasses, Pads, Synths and Basses that mirror the cyberpunk aesthetic. Whether you're scoring a futuristic thriller or infusing your tracks with cybernetic energy, "Retro Cyberpunk" is your go-to arsenal for creating a gripping sonic narrative. Enhance your production workflow and elevate your sound design with this handpicked collection of presets that seamlessly blend the classic analog feel of OBXD with the edgy, avant-garde sounds of cyberpunk. Transform your music into a cybernetic journey, where every note is a step into a dystopian future.

This pack includes:

- 14 Basses
- 9 Brasses
- 1 Lead
- 5 Pads
- 21 Synths

- All presets are 100% royalty free
- Instant download
- High quality sounds
- 50 DiscoDSP OBXD presets

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