OCTO8R Magnae

50 (+61 Bonused) presets pack Magnae for Knifonium. Powered by 26 vacuum tubes, this pure monster rushes into the analog beauty... grandeur... magnae!

Presets include:

808 Bass - 5 (+4 Bonused)
Arp - 15 (+19 Bonused)
Lead - 10 (+14 Bonused)
Pad - 5 (+7 Bonused)
Pluck - 15 (+17 Bonused)


Run your Knifonium plugin into your DAW
Open Preset Menu in Knifonium in top left corner
In down right corner choose "File" -> "Import/Import NKSF"
Choose all the files from downloaded folder
To see Imported presets choose "Bank" in a third column of the Presets Manager.
5. Enjoy

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