Baklava Sounds Serum Balkan Leads

Baklava Sounds Serum Balkan Leads

Load up Serum with 50+ unique Balkan Leads ranging from aggressive Synths to delicate flutes to smooth organs and everything in between!

These sounds will definitely give your productions some unique Balkan flavor!

The following sounds are included in our Serum Balkan Leads Presets:

Balkan Electric, Balkan Friends, Calling Lead, Circus Lead, Digital Clarinet, Ethno Flute, Fading Bow, Flexing Flute, Flowing Sax, Fluid Organ, Flying Frula, Gajda Cautious, Gajda Hovering, Gajda Persistent, Honky Bow, Lazy Blower, Lightning Lead, Ney Fading, Ney Rising, Ney Winding, Organic Lead, Plucked Guitar, Pointy Star, Puff Flute, Pure Lead, Reso Connection, Retro Lead, Sax Barking, Sax Dirty, Sax Edge, Sax Spitty, Sax Throwback, Sax Time, Sax Valve, Shakey Klarinet, Sharpened Lead, Simple Flute, Sliding Organ, Smooth Flute, Splatty Horn, Squish Me, Super Sawwy, Sweet Lead, Syncing Everywhere, Throaty Lead, Throwback Lead, Tubey Lead, Wailing Lead, Winding Flute, Windy Flute, Wirey Strings

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