Mix Elite Destiny EDM MIDI Melodies

Mix Elite Destiny EDM MIDI Melodies

Imagine you could get the best tools to write melodic hit songs in your home studio without spending countless months or money learning music theory. With the Mix Elite Destiny MIDI pack, you can effortlessly write professional chart-ready melodies, hooks, perfect harmonies, and ear-worm melodies instantly.

Top-Chart Ready MIDI Melodies
The Destiny MIDI pack lands with an exclusive library of 100+ MIDI EDM Melodies with bonus Serum and Vital VST presets so you can start making melodies that will get recognized by your favourite label & stay in head of your listeners. Making this the must-have pack for all emerging DJs, producers, and music artists. All without painstaking years of training.

100+ High Quality MIDI Melodies
… So you can easily stand out from other producers in A&Rs’ inbox. Compose Modern Hook-filled Songs that are Radio Ready instantly.

100% Royalty Free
Thousands of Combinations so you’ll never make the same Song Twice. Perfect for EDM, Bass House, Future House, Deep House and Similar Music Genres

BONUS: Serum Presets
Get Started Now! – This pack contains everything you need to create amazing melodies that will hook your audience. No excuses.

Serum & Vital Presets
Not only do you get thousands of melody combinations with the FLTips Destiny MIDI pack you also get bonus presets for most popular synths Serum and Free Vital VST that will expand your songs. Taking your tunes to that extra level way above the musical competition in matter of seconds.

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