N-SPECTRAL MASK is a spectral envelope follower that can be modulated by itself or an external sidechain signal, which can reduce heavy smearing, pre- or post-ringing and resonances/decays.

On SELF mode, N-Spectral Mask acts more like a spectral gate, as increasing the MAIN control will impose self modulation onto the 256 frequency bands that SPECTRAL MASK splits a signal into.

You can choose which parts of the frequency spectrum to mask with the SPECTRUM BLEND, allowing for more precise control of processing.

Where N-SPECTRAL MASK is incredibly useful for is when using it in EXT (External) mode. This allows you to route a sidechain signal into the plugin, enabling unique spectral envelope following of different signals or (its' primary focus) restoring pre-fx frequency amplitudes.

The RELEASE slider lets you smoothen the masking envelope wether you want to soften strong masking/gating or ring out dominant isolated frequencies.

Popular spectral fx plugins that use high FFT sizes can sound amazing, but often leave undesired artifacts like smearing (pre- or postringing). This keeps a lot of people from using complex effects that cause these artifacts, as they're generally regarded as a degradation of sound quality.

Spectral Mask allows these effects to thrive while restoring the original frequency amplitudes, effectively spectrally gating out smearing arteficts or resonances a plugin causes.

MASK (3D Sphere): Increases the amount of envelope following
EXT/SELF: Switches from Self envelope following to External sidechain envelope following.
RELEASE: Controls the release of the masking effect. Similar to a release control on a gate.
SPECTRUM BLEND: Draw in the parts of the frequency spectrum you want to be masked.
Some notable improvements over SPECTRAL MASK vst3:
Half the CPU usage (Ultra performant)
Only 10.2ms Latency
Autosleep at no extra latency cost
New and improved GUI with spectrum blend


1.4 / CLARITY module is back! Spectrum blend gives different results compared to clarity, so i had to reimplemented it! :)

1.5 / Updated the plugdata skin to be even cleaner, Spectrum analyzer now HIGH-RES and high-refreshrate. Spectrum analyzer now sleeps when plugin window is closed, saving you additional cpu usage!


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