N-SPEC COMP is a spectral compressor accompanied by a spectral gate and clipper to create an incredibly versatile audio processor.

N-SPEC COMP compresses 512 individual frequency bands, giving you extreme control over shaping the frequency response and dynamics of any sound.

From light spectral shaping, ott-like multiband compression and doom-compressor like flattening of spectrums, this plugdata patch allows you to go all in when it comes to shaping your sounds and getting the absolute most out of a frequency spectrum.

The MAIN COMP control controls overall compression, with it pushing +100dB of gain into the spectral compressor for a wide range of compression styles.

ATK and REL control the attack and release for all 512 band compressors. a value of 0 effectively turns N-SPEC COMP into a spectral clipper.

The RESET button resets the spectrum threshold, compression and make-up gain to default.

MIX and MAKEUP GAIN can be found next to the main compression control, with makeup gain going up to 96dB of gain compensation (caution!).

LINK-DB is enabled by default to allow for semi-automatic gain compensation when compressing or changing the spectrum threshold offset and can be disabled anytime.

The SLIDERS on the sides of the SPECTRUM THRESHOLD graph allow you to easily change the OFFSET and TILT of the spectral threshold, giving you an easy time dialing in the sound you want.

What makes N-SPEC COMP special is the ability to DRAW YOUR OWN spectrum threshold!

This makes N-SPEC COMP incredibly powerful, as you can enforce your own frequency response onto sounds using spectral compression.

What seperates N-SPEC COMP from other spectral compressors is the OVERTONES module, which let's you uncompress and amplify dominant frequencies in the spectrum, allowing for crystal clear overtones and formants while compressing the rest of the spectrum.

The graph allows you to set the overall threshold of the spectral gate and lets you draw in additional frequencies and gating for optimal formant seperation. You can drive the main overtone control up to 300% to amplify the isolated formants even further.

Lastly, N-SPEC COMP comes with a Spectral clipper, which solves intermodulation distortion between the 512 bands, effectively maximizing detail preservation when driving the soft clipper harder.

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