Jorb MPC Expansion // JX-8P Keygroups

Jorb MPC Expansion // JX-8P Keygroups

These are 14 keygroups, multi sampled at different velocities if the patch was responsive to it, compatible with the modern MPCs. (if you wanted to convert to a different format, the raw samples are in the loose programs zip if you want to)

The stride, if chorus is included, envelope settings, and amp velocity are all different based on the individual patches ; if it sounded good, that's what I went with. Looping never sounds right with LFO, chorus, long envelops, and all of those things that make theses sounds feel alive, so none of these loop. Let alone trying to line up the looping of each velocity layer, on each group, on each patch. So how I do it, the sample for longer pad stuff is 8-10 seconds long and the envelope takes care of fading out at the right rate, or is there for you to tweak to your preference.

Previews are included, you can download this as loose programs to drop into whatever storage you use for your MPC, or as an XPN that you can install as an expansion with the desktop software.

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