Polarity Music Polisphere Sound Package 1.3

Polarity Music Polisphere Sound Package 1.3

I observe that many producers, including myself, often like to use sound presets that perform simple tasks. By layering several simple sounds, you can create complex sound structures. Many people fall back on Omnisphere, because a massive number of high-quality sounds are collected here.

Polisphere is now my small attempt to combine as many useful sounds as possible in one package instead of building and publishing individual presets every month.

Nothing changes for you. Special tool presets will still be available individually. The generative grid patches will still be available. Polisphere will also be regularly updated with fresh sounds.

You can download the package and put it in your bitwig library in a special folder. e.g. "documents/Bitwig Studio/library/presets/polisphere" or you can put a folder somewhere on your hard drive and add the path to the sound sources "settings / locations / sound content locations".

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