This ableton live rack lets you create your own mono-compatible, complex parallel stereoization effects with ease.

N-STEREO+ turns stereo effects parallel without touching the dry signal, allowing for complex exotic stereo effects without compromising the sonic character of the original signal.

By default, N-STEREO+ comes with a Comb Filter (CMB F), which by itself is already mono compatible.

The YOUR FX Section lets you add your own FX to N-STEREO+:

Here, you can add whatever effects you desire. VSTs work as well.

Combining different effects to create unique and exotic stereo effects that do NOT impact the original sound can yield amazing results and promote mono compatibility when needed.

If you do not want the parallel stereo effect to disappear entirely when summed to mono, you can lower the MONO - macro amount, to reintroduce the mids of the parallel stereoized signal.


MONO - : Removes the mid/mono information of the parallel stereo signal. This effectively causes mono compatibility, as the stereo signal will phase cancel only itself when summed to mono.
HI-PASS : Highpasses the stereo signal for more control. From 20hz-6khz.
STEREO+ : Adjusts the overall volume of the parallel stereo effect.

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