Dreamstate Audio The Effects Preset Library

Dreamstate Audio The Effects Preset Library

Over 300 presets for the most popular effect plugins out there

Arturia, Effect Rack, Guitar Rig, Portal, Thermal & RC-20

Take your production game to the next level and instantly transform a basic melody into a unique masterpiece. These custom presets are easy to install and will help you reach new heights in sound design and beat making.

Arturia FX
57 presets for Chorus Dimension D, Chorus Juno 6, Delay Eternity, Delay Memory Brigade, Flanger BL-20, Phaser Bitron and Reverb Intensity

31 presets for the powerful "Thermal" VST from Output. Take this multi-band distortion plugin to the next level with my ground breaking preset library

20 presets for every producers favourite effect plugin "RC-20". These presets push this plugin and its many features to the max just for you

40 presets for the popular "Portal" effect plugin. Utilize the granular synthesis this VST provides. With these new presets anything is possible.

Guitar Rig
50 presets for Guitar Rig. With so many effects it can be overwhelming to use. With these presets get an overall great experience with this powerful VST.

Effect Rack
40 presets for the "Effect Rack" plugin. These utilise all of the best effects this plugin has to offer. Combining them together creating a winning formula

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