Omega Station Mayhem Daemon

Omega Station Mayhem Daemon

This preset tries to recreate the drum tones of Mayhem "Daemon" album (2019), I got a request for it. Useful for Black Metal songs.

SDX used:

Metal Machinery SDX (kicks, crash)
Death SDX (everything else)

I also made 10 macro controls to further customize the sound:

Snare transient attack
Reverb bus level: reverb bus volume level
Snare compression: compression level on snare bus
Kick compression: compression level on kick bus
Comp makeup gain: compression makeup gain on output
Output punch: turn it up to get a "punchier" overall sound
Snare punch: it affects the "punch" of the snare
Toms punch: it affects the "punch" of toms
Snare reverb level: snare bus send to reverb bus
Toms reverb level: toms bus send to reverb bus

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