Develop Device Death Machinery II

Develop Device Death Machinery II

Hey there, rock and metal maniacs! Are you ready to blow minds with your killer drum tracks? Introducing Death Machinery II, the ultimate album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset that'll take your rock and metal productions to the next level!

No Additional Plugins? No Problem!
That's right, my friends! This bad boy is mixed 100% inside Superior Drummer 3, so you don't need any other pesky plugins. Just fire up your DAW or the standalone Superior Drummer 3 app, and you're good to go!

Compatible with ANY DAW!
Doesn't matter if you're a Logic Pro, FL Studio, or Ableton Live fan – as long as you can load the Superior Drummer 3 plugin or the standalone SD3 app, Death Machinery II will rock your world!

VST Instruments You'll Need:

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
Metal Machinery SDX
Death & Darkness SDX

With our easy-peasy SD3P (project) file, there's no complicated installation process to worry about. Just load it up, and you're ready to make some noise!

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