Develop Device Metal Kit II

Develop Device Metal Kit II

Calling all rock and metal producers! Get ready to experience the ultimate drum sound with the Metal! Kit II, an album-ready Superior Drummer 3 preset designed specifically for rock/metal productions. Prepare for a sonic onslaught!

Crushing Drums for a Powerful Sound!
The Metal! Kit II is mixed 100% inside Superior Drummer 3, meaning no additional plugins are required! Compatible with any DAW or the standalone Superior Drummer 3 app, this preset offers incredible versatility and ease of use for your productions.

Quick Installation & Seamless Compatibility
With the Metal! Kit II, you'll receive an SD3P (project) file that's a snap to set up. Say goodbye to complicated installation processes – just one click, and you're ready to rock! Plus, it works perfectly with your e-drums, delivering that massive metal sound right from the start.

DAW & VST Instrument Requirements
To bring the Metal! Kit II preset into your productions, you'll need:

DAW: Any DAW or standalone SD3
VST Instruments: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 (Metal! EZX, CORE SDX)
VST Plugins: None needed!

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