PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls!

PastToFutureReverbs Lexicon Model 200 1.1 Long Halls!

This is an emotional release for us.

Lexicon 200 was our first pro reverb machine which we have ever bought in the late '90s from the famous CBS Studios in NYC and we still, have it!

As we bought it, the people from CBS told us if we knew how many famous people touched it and recorded with it we would go crazy!

The Lexicon Model 200 was also our first IR release ever and still is our bestseller.

In our first release we sampled all presets, but the decay times of the presets are not longer than about 2,6 seconds.

But this reverb shines in longer decay settings. So we decided to sample the first program 1.1 Hall in all possible decay settings.

We sampled all possible decay times from 2,4 to 70 seconds!

You will get 40 IR's (Digital & Tape Captures) 340MB!

This reverb creates a magical 3D Space.

Everything you put through it becomes very big & glamorous!


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