David Hilowitz Wooden Organ Pipe

David Hilowitz Wooden Organ Pipe

Last summer, I was out for a walk with my family when I found this wooden organ pipe on the street. I knew immediately what it was because I subscribe to Look Mum No Computer‘s Youtube channel, and he’s been resuscitating an old church organ with very similar pipes.

I knew immediately I wanted to sample it, but I couldn’t figure out how to force enough air through it to make a sustained note. I asked Simon the Magpie what I should do, and he suggested I inflate an air mattress and try to use it as a bellows. It was a brilliant idea, and it no doubt would have worked if I had been able to get a tight enough air connection between the mattress and the pipe. In the end, I ended up using good old-fashioned lung power with (I think) beautiful results.

The first preset is the raw organ sound, and the rest are variations using a range of outboard effects. I hope you enjoy these sounds as much as I have been!

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