David Hilowitz Long Violin

David Hilowitz Long Violin

Two years ago, I constructed the long, bowed string instrument pictured above. Here’s a video about that experiment. As a physical instrument, it’s quite cumbersome and hard to play, so I vowed to sample it…and I finally have.

The sample library contains four patches:

Bowed: the basic bowed sound which is rustic and sounds somewhat like a Hardanger fiddle. I’ve intentionally left the rebowings in.
Pizz: The plucked sound; recorded with 4 round robins. This is my favorite of these patches by far. I’ve extended the range all the way down to the bass notes so that it can be used almost as a replacement for a double bass pizzicato.
Tails: just the reverberant tails from the bowed notes. 4 round-robins. This is meant to be played as a keys instrument.
Cosmic Rays: The instrument sent through a Hologram Microcosm pedal, which produces a rich, organ-like sound.


– Dave

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