Imperial Muzikk Slasher

Imperial Muzikk Slasher

Slasher is the next best Omnisphere Bank that is out right now!! Created by Imperial Muzikk it contains 50 outstanding presets. If you are looking for sounds that fit very well with your mix then this is just for you. Whether you want to go for something dark or you just want to start a good vibe, you'll be sure to find whatever you need in this bank. The possibilities are really endless and do not be afraid to venture out into the unknown. You will be sure to come back with a well balanced mix.

Filled with Dark Drones, Deep Basses, Melodic Keys, Ambient Leads, Cinematic Sounding Pads, and Arpeggios filled with life. I guarantee after hearing some of these sounds, you will definitely be in the mood to create.

Almost every sound is built around the granulizer, so be ready for all the crazy textures that will be floating around!! They are all ready to be mangled and messed around with gross beat, halftime, etc. These sounds will pull you right in..just be sure you can come back out with some surprises.

The the possibilities are really endless, and remember life's a beach so catch the wave and enjoy the veau!!!! LOVE

Arps; 10
Bass; 5
Drones; 5
Leads; 10
Keys; 10
Pads; 10

You must have Omnisphere 2.5 in order for these to work.

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