Nasko N-NOISE Snap Heap Rack

Nasko N-NOISE Snap Heap Rack

N-NOISE FOR SNAP HEAP IS HERE! Generate a dynamic parallel noise layer!


DECAY: Lets you further decay the sub than the amplitude of the input signal! This is especially useful if you have short bursty audio signals or want to create a reverb/tail like behavior! Note that having the decay at 0% will cause the amplitude follower to behave like a ringmod!

SPREAD: Uses different noise generation seeds for left and right channel, creating a stereo image!

FADE IN: Transient detection based adjustable fade-in envelope! This also delays the generated noise layer, giving you great control over blending with transient-based signals like drums or percussion!


(Some plugins need to be owned, others only need to be installed):

Need to own: Snap Heap (v2.0.12 or higher)
Needs to be installed: SLICE EQ, Convolver, Kilohearts Essentials (30 Free Snapins)

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