Jay Eskar Vital Essentials

Jay Eskar Vital Essentials

'Jay Eskar Vital Essentials' has been crafted to not only be versatile but grasp the fundamentals of Electronic Dance Music, to be an essential part of any producer's arsenal.

It delivers presets suitable for Future House, Future Rave, Future Bounce, Future Bass, Tech House, Slap House, Bass House, Deep House, Tropical House, and more.
Dive into top-quality sounds for your next favorite synthesizer, meet new techniques, walk through the presets and find your signature sound!

Pack Contents:

70 Vital Presets
39 Bass Sounds
12 Lead Sounds
14 Key Sounds
Macro Controls Assigned and more!
100% Royalty-Free

Software Requirements:

Vital 1.0.7 +

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