SparkPackers Next Level Hot

SparkPackers Next Level Hot

Flare up the inside of your DAW with a diverse palette of modern colors suitable for multiple styles of music.

My goal was to create a fiery collection of essential presets that I personally would want to use every day… no filler sounds… only presets that glow in the mix and grab instant attention… no matter if working on a track with 70 or 130 BPM!

Here is what you’ll get: Everything you need for an immediate adrenaline rush… edgy, massive, cranked synth sounds… screaming, buzzing leads… analog digital hybrids with a fresh twist.

You want to infuse tenderness and compassion? Warm, lush and dreamy pads… orchestral, cinematic and atmospheric sounds… included & ready to go!

What about smooth, warm organs or keys with that classy vintage, lo-fi vibe? Yes! In combination with vibrant, thick bass and sparkling, crisp brass sounds this pack has you covered. This really is an essential, versatile preset pack. Ready to give your music the edge it deserves!

115 Pigments Presets // Pigments Bank (.pgtx)
12 x Brass // 9 x Bass // 15 x Keys // 7 x Leads
19 x Pads // 7 x Percussion // 11 x Plucks // 6 x Strings
156 custom-made Wavetables
6 Attack/Transient Samples

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