Wildcrow Progressive House Masterclass

Wildcrow Progressive House Masterclass

Welcome to ‘Wildcrow Progressive House Masterclass’, the ultimate learning experience for beginner and experienced progressive house producers. This 3h29+ long video course will teach you the process and tricks to make professional sounding progressive house tracks.

Over the years, we’ve had countless requests for a full progressive house production tutorial in FL Studio, that covers creating an actual track from start to finish, along with showing all the tricks and tips resulting in a great sound.

Talented producer & youtuber Wildcrow (aka Eric Rodriguez) has risen up to the challenge and created a complete 3h29 long course in collaboration with Myloops. Inside, he shows you exactly how he creates a full progressive house production from scratch.

Purchasing the Wildcrow Progressive House Masterclass allows you to follow the whole process and understand the steps required to make a great sounding progressive house track. This tutorial is filled with tricks & production techniques that will help you get one step closer to your music production goals. You will get all the nitty gritty details that will get you to the point where you are ready for sending your track out for release!

In addition, you also get the FL Studio project files (1 “Production” FLP + 1 “Mastering FLP) of the track Wildcrow produced during the masterclass. This way, you can really learn from studying each section in detail, and learn from the project directly. Finally, you also get all the samples & presets used in the tutorial, so you have everything you need to get started!

Who is this course for
This masterclass is for artists who want to learn progressive house music production, work faster and improve their sound at the same time. Overall, it’s intended for artists who are curious about the steps required for making a full progressive house production. In addition, it’s also suited for anyone looking for inspiration for their own progressive house music. It’s aimed at FL Studio users, but the tricks you will learn can also be applied in any DAW.

This course is suitable for both beginner and advanced producers as it will take you from basic steps like creating a melody or using scales, to more advanced topics like using specific plugins.

What you will get in the Full Pack ?
Full video masterclass on how to create a complete progressive house production from scratch
3h29 long video from start to finish
For beginners & advanced producers
FL Studio project files of the masterclass included (.flp)
Synth presets included (Sylenth1 & Serum)
Samples included
Includes tips on music theory, arrangement, buildups, drops, EQ tips, choice of sounds, composition, sound design, mixing, mastering, and a lot more !

What you will learn

In this 3h29 long video course, Wildcrow will show you :

How to produce a progressive house track from beginning to end
Setting up FL Studio to work better
How to make progressive house chords & melodies
Using scales to make your melodies
Smart tricks with the piano roll
Making a great sounding bassline for your track
Sound design & sound selection for your key elements
Layering elements to get a bigger sound
How to create a great drum / percussion line for your track
Grouping tracks to mix channels
Using send busses for reverbs
Making great sub-melodies for your track
Creating great pads / strings for your track
Mixing tricks to get a cleaner sound
Best tricks for making big buildups and big drops
How to make great transitions with FX & automations
Making your sounds larger than life with delay, reverb, stereo spacing, etc.
Working with EQ, compression, side-chain, etc.
How to use a second project to master your song effectively
Using EQ, references, multiband compression, limiting, stereo spacing for mastering
And a lot more !

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