Virharmonic Bohemian Cello

Virharmonic Bohemian Cello

Creating music has never been so easy, with the help of our Virtual Performer making split second decisions based on your playing input, inspiring you to write lyrical lines like never before, a Real Performance.

Part of an expanding series of performers, the Bohemian Cello was created to free you to perform real Cello Performances fast, without the need to be a cellist yourself.

To achieve realism, we recorded an unprecedented amount of samples for a solo instrument, but managing all this by loading individual patches would be slow and cumbersome and stifle inspiration. This is where the virtual performer comes in, controlling all the varied legatos, bow types and emotive expressions as you play, all from one patch and all in real time.

Anticipating how to perform based on your playing input is only part of the magic, the virtual performer can also alter its emotion during performing by switching through alternative play styles called moods. Play harsh and assertive with Czardas, through too emotional and gentle with emotive or play a varied off the cuff mockup with improv, all with the tap of a key.

Every note is sampled with hundreds of intervals, multiple dynamics and varied speeds resulting in breath taking emotion packed into every performance while remaining in true musical phrase from first note to the last. Our legato is always captured in phrase and in a musical context, resulting in each legato played, a true sample of a real performance.

Each articulation and mood can be forced upon the performer using an assignable key, granting you the ability to adjust the performers behaviour should you choose to.

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