Noah Cuz ANTI-GRAVITY (Analog Lab V Bank)

Noah Cuz ANTI-GRAVITY (Analog Lab V Bank)

40 CUSTOM ANALOG LAB V PRESETS: Anti-Gravity By Noah Cuz
These Sounds Were Thoughtfully Crafted By Me, Noah Cuz, To Give Your Music The Perfect Vintage Sound. This Sound Bank Will Give Your Music The Atmosphere, Texture, And Dark Vibe You Need.

Create Interesting Melodies Instantly.
Hours Of Sound Design And Mixing Went Into Creating These Dynamic & Intricate Presets For Analog Lab V. These Sounds Are Great For Achieving Ambient, Dark, and Vintage Melodies

10x Keys
9x Bells
7x Pads
5x Bass
4x Mallets
4x Orchestral
1x Arp

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