York Audio MES 412 OS-V2

York Audio MES 412 OS-V2

A legend revisited.

The Mesa™ “Oversized” 4x12 is THE quintessential guitar cabinet for high gain tones. In York Audio’s tireless quest for excellence, it was time to revisit this cab with a fresh vision and upgraded techniques to meticulously capture the essence of this iconic cabinet. This is the Mesa™ tone you hear in your head.

The MES 412 OS V30 is based on a 2008 Mesa™ “Oversized” 4x12 cabinet loaded with the original Mesa™ spec Celestion™ Vintage 30 speakers. The tone is simply colossal. With deep low end chunk, angry midrange, and a detailed top end that cuts without harshness, this cabinet is inspiring to play and sounds absolutely massive!

This Cab Pack contains 129 single mic shots from 12 exceptional microphones as well as 21 of York Audio’s famous multi-mic Mixes for a total of 150 IRs designed to take your tone to the next level.

Microphones used in this Cab Pack

57m - Based on a modern Shure® SM57
57v - Based on a vintage Shure® Unidyne III SM57
58 - Based on a Shure® SM58
SM7 - Based on a Shure® SM7b
421m - Based on a modern Sennheiser® MD421
421v - Based on a vintage Sennheiser® MD421
906 - Based on a Sennheiser® e906

121- Based on a Royer® R-121
160 - Based on a Beyerdynamic® M160
313 - Based on a Shure® KSM313

U47 - Based on a Telefunken® U47 large diaphragm tube condenser mic
414 - Based on an AKG® C414 large diaphragm condenser mic

ROOM 1, 2, and 3 - Captured with a Telefunken® U47
REAR 1 and 2 - Captured with a Telefunken® U47
SIDE - Captured with a Telefunken® U47

All products have been tested with Fractal Audio Systems™, Line 6™, Strymon™, and Kemper™ hardware, as well as DAW plug-ins to ensure seamless integration with your digital modeling units.

York Audio products are licensed, not owned. It is illegal to share York Audio products, so please support our brand and ensure more great content by purchasing your desired products. All sales are final, as there are no refunds on digital goods.

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