Overloud Vocs 30 Heritage HW Rig

Overloud Vocs 30 Heritage HW Rig

Vocs 30 Heritage HW is the TH-U expansion library seeking to recreate the sound of a Hand Wired Vox AC30HH Heritage 50th Anniversary* head.

The pack includes:

41 amp-only (direct) rigs
121 amp+cab (studio) rigs
A bank with 15 patches recreating the tones of the most famous songs recorded with this legendary amplifier

The library has been captured using the following gear*:


Vox 2x12" Alnico Blue
Laney 2x12"
Marshall 4x12" with Greenback G12M spekaers
Marshall 4x12" 1960AV with V30
Fender 1x12" Deluxe
Fender 4x10" Jensen speakers


Shure SM57
AKG C414
Neumann U47
Sennheiser MD421, e609

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