Overloud Brit Silver Jub Rig Library

Overloud Brit Silver Jub Rig Library

Brit Silver Jub + SL Guitar EQ is the TH-U expansion library seeking to recreate the sound of a Marshall Silver Jubilee* head.

The pack includes:

70 rigs captured with multiple dynamics and channel settings
the unique SL Guitar EQ effect, inspired to a 4K Console eq
A bank with 40 ready-to-mix presets
A bank with 9 ready-to-play presets

The library includes captures from both the Normal and Lead channed as well as the famous Rhythm Clip mode. It contains 70 rigs, which have been created using the following gear*:


Marshall 4x12" 1960AV with V30
Orange PPC412 4x12"
Vox 2x12" Alnico Blue
Brunetti 1x12" Singleman
Mesa Boogie 1x10" Lone Star

Shure SM57, SM81
AKG C414
Neumann KM84, U87
Sennheiser MD421, e609
Electro Voice RE20

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