encoderaudio PolyRandom

encoderaudio PolyRandom

Polyrandom is an 8 channel polyrhythmic drum sequencer, with randomisation, cycle length, length and target note controls for every channels.
​The speed resolution, swing, note length and velocity controls have their own dedicated random sources.

Version History :

3.01 - Click on the device logo now shows numbers instead of sliders.
3.02 - Updated to Live 10. (Important! If you're still using Live 9, please, stick with the old version! There are major UI changes in Live 10, these will look ugly under 9)
3.03 - Random pattern change fixed
3.04 - user request : full MIDI mapping
3.05 - user request : independent velocity control
3.06 - timing issue fixed, now it is tight
3.07 - device now passes through MIDI messages, thanks to a kind user who pointed out the missing objects!
3.08 - fully new clock generator, more stable and reliable
3.09 - from now, users can exclude channels from the global random/reset
3.10 - bug fixed (velocity exclude now works!); preset save and load implemented
3.11 - Ableton banks support added for Push, improved clock, now 100% message/bang based, no more signal conversion, note lengths are now in time intervals
3.12 - save/load bug-fix

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