Function Loops Ethnic Female Voices

Ethnic Female Voices delivers more than 300 vocal loops, 4 bonus Construction Kits, MIDI files and Spire VSTi presets. This pack will give you all you need to get your tracks hot and ready for the coming season.
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Function Loops Major Hip Hop And Female Trap

The rise of female rappers and the enormous success they got latelly, we were inspired to create the first ever sample pack, which delivers hiphop and trap beats together with insane female vocal acapellas. Sounds you’ll be impressed with.
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Function Loops Soul Trap And Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Soul Trap & Lo-Fi Hip Hop from Function Loops brings a selection of soulful and dusty beats into your studio. Five Constructions Kits deliver all the tools needed: Loops, MIDI files and One-Shot samples ready for your favorite samplers.
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Function Loops Trap Heroes

Trap Heroes from Function Loops is a collection of kits inspired by your favorite Trap heroes. The pack includes five Construction Kits and a folder of bonus files for maximum pleasure. Each Kit comes with Loops, One Shots, Stems and MIDI files. You're getting absolutely everything needed to produce that sound. Drums, 808's, Stabs, Glitched Arps, Melodies, Effects and everything else you can hear in the demo, are included.
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Origin Sound 2am Haze Abstract Trip Hop Beats

Origin Sound proudly presents 2am Haze, a Hip Hop library that possesses a wealth of soothing melodies and tones, transcending your beats into a lucid state. The bedrock of 2am Haze, much like all our Hop Hop packs, is of course the drums.
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Origin Sound Lo-Fi Cuts Soulful Jazz Beats

Origin Sound has dived deep into the creative archives to produce a vast Lo-Fi library in the guise of Lo-Fi Cuts, full of rich environments and samples that possess a wealth of character and personality.
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WA Production Synthwave Arcade

Are you ready to get retro and slide into synthwave? We present to you What about: Synthwave Arcade sample pack. These are the sounds you've never heard before. A modern fusion of old-school classic sounds blended together in a way that has never been done before. We've got the funk of nu-disco, the past future atmosphere from the 80's, and rhythmically thumping retro wave synths giving you this inventive hybrid spin on synthwave.
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Touch Loops Future Funk

Gritty Funk Samples Crisp, analogue, soulful and beautifully stylish. Future funk is our first foray into the recorded world of classic funk samples and wow, what an entrance. By utilising all the classic gear you know and love we've amassed a collection of truly authentic funk samples that instantly transport you back to the heyday of skilled session bands, 'vibing jazz quartets and painfully talented session musicians.
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Touch Loops Hip Hop Drum Tools

Hip-Hop One-Shots Hip-Hop is so often at the heart of Touch Loops, with the Lo-Fi aesthetic being one of the most innovative & exciting right now. By running small, everyday sounds, classic drum machines and live kits through saturated tape machines and analogue filters we've been able to create an incredible batch of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop one shots you'll just love.
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WavSupply Countach Burnout

15 custom made samples (with individual stems + midi included) created by Countach of Internet Money.
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Pelham and Junior Amber Hues Sample Pack

Earlier this year during the spring, we released one of our more eclectic sample pack series, Mellow Hues (Volume 1 & 2). It proved to be a fan favorite and still popular amongst the online producer community. So, we decided to bring some of the same feels back but for the fall in a much concise package, and then some.
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Freak Music Ambitious

Freak Music is proud to present “Ambitious” - outstanding collection of five construction kits with perfect sounding symphony sounds, chilling drums and rich patterns. This time it is the best choice to create something gorgeous in your favorite genre. From simple piano loops and soft percussion to uplifting strings, mesmerizing trombones, flute, strong violin and MIDI Files corresponding to every melodic part in the kit. Guaranteed to breathe life into your productions.
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Freak Music Trap Paradise

Freak Music is proud to present the next five banger trap construction kits - "Trap Paradise". This collection creates a stunning blend between smooth, vintage gangsta feelings, dark-colored, banger themes and hard-hitting drums. These amazing kits will boost your productions to the heart of the trap sound.
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Freak Music Elements

Freak Music is proud to present "Elements" - collection of five outstanding construction kits, perfect for your next chillout, chillstep, pop and future productions. This pack offers the greatest tools and source of inspiration you have been missing. From construction kits, melodies, drums, percussion, chords, pads, leads, plucks - to presets and MIDI files, you will find everything you need in this amazing compilation.
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Freak Music Bounce Vocals

Freak Music is proud to introduce the "Bounce Vocals" - the collection of bouncy lead loops, vocal loops, samples, presets and MIDI Files. Each melody kit is key and tempo labeled and comes with all elements, so you can flexibly compare different sounds and make your own, original progression with the files included. As always, each melodic part is available as a MIDI file.
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