Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Blueprint

Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Blueprint

The world's first and only tool that allows you to instantly create advanced chords, progressions & melodies across 15 scales.

With the Unison Advanced Scales MIDI Blueprint you'll be able to:
Get instant inspiration and finish music in less time by always using the right notes (regardless of the genre or key)
​Create ultra-advanced chords, progressions and melodies in 15 advanced scales that 99% of producers don‘t know about
​Skyrocket your chances of getting more exposure, more plays, and more success as a music producer in 2021
With it, you'll quickly select from over 17,000+ MIDI files available at your fingertips...

Drag & drop them into your projects to effortlessly create crazy chords, progressions and melodies that get your music noticed.

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