Antidote Audio SAVIORS: Vocal Phrases and Samples

Antidote Audio SAVIORS: Vocal Phrases and Samples

When a song blows up, what is the main thing everyone remembers?

The Vocals.

The human voice adds aspects to a track that cannot be replicated or recreated digitally. Vocals bring another level of emotion and life to your track.

Adding vocals to an average song can turn it into a great song, so imagine combining them to a track that’s already amazing.


SAVIORS CONTAINS 1.6GB Uncompressed 24bit, 44.1Khz Wav Audio Files

12 Massive Song Starters with Dry, Mixed, Doubles, Backing & Harmonies Included (204 Wet Vocals & 155 Dry Vocals)
21 Vocal One Shot Cuts
112 Vocal Shouts
13 Vocoder Loops
(Tempos Stems & Phrases are between 80BPM & 174BPM)

Feel like there’s a missing element in your track? Chances are it could be vocals?

The Vocals inside Saviors are recorded in a Professional Studio and written and performed by a range of amazing Male & Female vocalists. This pack is perfect for Melodic Genres such as Pop, Future Bass, House, Electro & Hip Hop.

As we’re sure you know, the right vocal can take an amazing song and turn it into a hit.
It’s time to discover your next hit inside Saviors.

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