Irrupt Puff Puff Produce

Irrupt Puff Puff Produce

Unique breakbeats and over 30 vocal samples, complete with dubbed out effects and quirky surprises, produced with live (stoned) studio musicians.

We’re pretty damn excited about this one. For ‘Puff Puff Produce' we've collected our IRRUPT scientists and invited some additional friends to join. We left them in a studio with an arsenal of drum kits, some microphones, a bong, some rolling papers, an overwhelming amount of digital and analogue effects, and said to them: “go nuts, have fun, get stoned, make sound.” This product is the result of a freestyle session of jamming, recording, and smoking. It’s inspired by the transatlantic journey from Los Angeles to Berlin, and all the wonderful cities found in between. It’s the sound of musicians having fun and making serious audio tools just for you.

From urban vibes to techno warehouses, the Irrupt experience is captured in a perfect cloudy haze within this product, showcasing our understanding of the many brilliant shades of electronic music, and our ongoing desire to encourage creative music production.

Upon opening ‘Puff Puff Produce,’ you’ll be treated to 25 unique breakbeats, created with live studio musicians to enhance that loose and lovely human element. We also dropped over 30 vocal samples, complete with dubbed out effects and quirky surprises. Puff puff, produce.. y'all.

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