Mr Bill Folley Collection Vol.6 Domestics

Mr Bill Folley Collection Vol.6 Domestics

Ever wished your music sounded more like a camera or a hose rack? No… of course you haven’t, that’d be a fucking stupid thing to sound like. *googles camera music* – oh, of course someone’s done that. Well, he shoulda just used this sample pack lol, dummy… Maybe he can retroactively make sense of this mess by buying this sample pack.

Anyway, bullshit anecdotal (brb… googling synonyms for retardedness cos’ that’s not cool to say these days) ROTUNDNESS aside, this is another nice collection of foley ideal for layering with electronic sounds or creating environmental soundscapes & such! Get it, or be square… Yeahhhh – this is why I don’t rap, or write lyrics… or talk much at all for that matter… just buy the damn samples.

This Domestics pack contains 114 files totaling 110 MB. Each sample is available as a 24-bit 44.1 kHz WAV file.

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