Aubit Petit Vocal Chops Vol.1

Aubit Petit Vocal Chops Vol.1

As producers it can be difficult to get hold of really hooky vocal chops if you don’t have access to a stellar vocalist. So we decided to get in the studio with some professional singers and then process the different takes into some killer vocal chops. The results speak for themselves. We’ve compiled 25 next-level vocal loops and 25 vocal one shots, so you can have complete creative freedom with these chops.

With Petit Vocal Chops we re-evaluated the possibilities of what can be done with the human voice. These chops are dripping with emotion and warmth, opening up a new world of potential for your next production.

Grab Petit Vocal Chops now and double the quality of your chill-wave tracks.

Here’s what you get:

25 Wet & Dry vocal loops (WAVs)
25 Wet & Dry vocal one shots (WAVs)
100 Files

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