Nonstop Sounds NONSTOP by Pirupa

Nonstop Sounds NONSTOP by Pirupa

NONSTOP Sound born in 2017, it is representing our love for House & Techno sounds.

It want to create a platform in the modern music industry about its style and mood for all DJs and producers.

All our releases are guaranteed 100% royalty free, all the releases are recorded and mixed in professional 24-bit quality using the best quality software and hardware, dedicated to delivering professional sounding productions.

NONSTOP PIRUPA is the first sample pack based on his tech house and techno sound.

Featuring 820.8 MB of Techno Bass, Background Loops, Drum Loops, EFX, Full Loops, One Shot Clap/Snare, Open HH, Kick Solo, EFX, Synth Loops, Vox and Top Loops you can create your fresh and underground techno groove simply and quickly.

Inside the folders you’ll found 299 samples in WAV format and 194 samples in AIFF format, you can use all in Apple Logic, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase and others DAW.

Inspired by NONSTOP label sound.

Download Contains:

Bass Loops: #38
Bass Apple Loops: #38
Claps Snares Loops: #26
Claps Snares Apple Loops: #26
Full Loops: #08
EFX: #21
Hat Loops: #26
Hat Apple Loops: #26
Kick: #23
Kick Apple Loops: #23
Music Loops: #40
Perc Loops: #35
Perc Apple Loops: #35
Ride Loops: #12
Ride Apple Loops: #12
Top Loops: #34
Top Apple Loops: #34
Vox: #36
Bit-rate: 24
Sample-rate: 44.100 KHZ
Genre: Tech House, Techno
Size: 596.8 MB (unzipped) – 820.8 MB (zipped)
Folders: Bass Loops, Claps Snares, Full Loops, EFX, Hat Loops, Kick Loops, Music Loops, Perc Loops Ride Loops, Top Loops, Vox.
Instrument types: Bass, Drum, EFX, Synth, Percussion, Vox, Top Loops and Demo Song


38 x 24-BIT WAV Bass Loops (38 Bass Loops in WAV / 38 Bass Loops in AIFF)
26 x 24-BIT WAV Clap Snares Loops (26 Clap Snares Loops in WAV / 26 Clap Snares Loops in AIFF)
8 x 24-BIT WAV Full Loops (08 Full Loops in WAV)
21 x 24-BIT WAV EFX (21 EFX in WAV)
26 x 24-BIT WAV Hat Loops (26 Hat Loops in WAV / 26 Hat Loops in AIFF)
23 x 24-BIT WAV Kick Loops (23 Kick Loops in WAV / 23 Kick Loops in AIFF)
40 x 24-BIT WAV Music Loops (40 Music Loops in WAV)
35 x 24-BIT WAV Perc Loops (35 Perc Loops in WAV / 35 Perc Loops in AIFF)
12 x 24-BIT WAV Ride Loops (12 Ride Loops in WAV / 12 Ride Loops in AIFF)
34 x 24-BIT WAV Top Loops (34 Top Loops in WAV / 34 Top Loops in AIFF)
36 x 24-BIT WAV Vox (36 Vox in WAV)
Download size: 820.8 MB (unzipped)
Format: .WAV & .AIFF

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