Cymatics Boombox Drums for Trap

Cymatics Boombox Drums for Trap

There is one single element that is the driving force behind the energy and power in almost every single genre of music.

This one element is so important, that without it the listeners wouldn’t be able to find or follow a groove or rhythm.

If you “drums” was what was going through your head through reading that, you’re 100% correct.

Drums are the driving force behind modern music.

Every single genre puts a huge emphasis on drums, from hip hop, to house, to trap.

Since such an emphasis is placed on drums, why do people always compromise the sound quality of their drums for something quick and easy?

Boombox allows you the freedom to pick stellar drums, and keep your sound selection time to a minimum.

With 25 full drum loops, and 25 top drum loops to choose from, your drum choices have never been this easy.

Don’t let your precious time go to waste, download Boombox Drums for Trap now!

Included in this pack:

25 Full Drum Loops
25 Top Drum Loops
Format: .WAV
File Count: 50 Samples

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