Dougles Fitch Rare Drums and One-Shots

Dougles Fitch Rare Drums and One-Shots

Created by multi-instrumentalist and percussionist Doug Fitch - Rare Drums & One Shots features a twist on your typical drum kit. It contains 350 sounds including kicks, snares, hi hats, loops, 808s, and mixed percussion loops containing various sounds and textures layered together. These are great alternatives to your typical drum samples found in today's sample scene. Fresh and original.

Get all of Dougles Fitch's RARE sample packs to utilize a different sound in creating your rhythmic landscape in your tracks!!!

•FAT PACK!!! over 350 one shots, loops, drum fills, etc
•All sounds recorded in stereo WAV 16/44 formatting
•Comparable with any DAW
•All sounds are royalty free
•Features “Wet” folders already processed, EQ'ed, effected sounds/loops
•Features “Dry” folders with untouched, raw sounds and loops so user may process as they see fit
•Curated and recorded by multi-world percussionist Doug Fitch

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