Standalone-Music 7 SKIES and DG Ephex FX Essentials Vol.1

Standalone-Music 7 SKIES and DG Ephex FX Essentials Vol.1

FX Sounds are essential elements of music production; the right ones can dramatically improve the energy of your tracks during buildups, they can make transitions between the different parts of your song smooth and natural, they add tension and impact.

Being producers ourselves, we know very well what a struggle creating your FXs can be, let alone finding the right samples in all of the libraries our there, this is why we put extra effort to build a library that focuses just on the FX samples you need!

We at Standalone-Music spent months creating this pack, crafted to perfection, and as always, every file is made with the extreme attention to details that our company is so known for.

Everything is quick and easy to find and tweak, file names contain key and tempo (when needed).

All of our tonal sounds are created from scratch using software and analog synthesizers and are exported in both C and F so you can pitch whatever is closer to the key of your song to avoid pitching artifacts.


EPHEX FX Essentials Vol. 1 comes with over 410 FX Samples, over 900mb (uncompressed) of high quality 24bit 44100 .wav files.

And everything is 100% Royalty Free!

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