Academy.FM Cymatics Rage Heavy Metal Guitar Loops

Academy.FM Cymatics Rage Heavy Metal Guitar Loops

The mixture of Heavy Metal and Dubstep is on the rise…

The high energy and unbelievable heaviness that comes from the fusion of these two genres is unparalleled.

Amazing Dubstep artists like PhaseOne, Excision, and Space Laces do an incredible job of combining these styles in their tracks to make some of the heaviest songs we have EVER heard.

Inspired by this recent surge in “Heavy Metal Dubstep”…

We created Rage Heavy Metal Guitars – the ultimate collection of Heavy Metal guitar chord and melody loops that will add INSANE power to your tracks!

We worked with a professional guitarist with experience in Heavy Metal to write and record 50 high quality, authentic loops – doing multiple takes of each to make sure they sounded perfect.

Each chord loop flawlessly captures the essence of Metal with low, distorted, rhythmic riffs that are ready to use immediately.

And every melody loop is energetic and inspiring – you can write an entire track around any one of them!

These loops will add raw, organic power to your tracks that will leave your listeners itching for more.

Download Rage Heavy Metal Guitars now!

Included in this pack:

25 Guitar Chord Loops
25 Guitar Melody Loops
Format: .WAV
File Size (Zipped): 52.9 MB
File Count: 50 Guitar Loops

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