Zenhiser 80s Synthwave Vol.1

Zenhiser 80s Synthwave Vol.1

The True Sound Of The 80’s Is Here With 80’s Synthwave Vol1. Do you want to create 80s inspired tracks but have insufficient studio equipment to get the job done right? Then it’s Zenhiser to the rescue with 80’s Synthwave Vol1. This time defying collection is jammed packed with melodic hooks, retro rhythms and neon fueled memories.

Entrusted in whisking you back to a decade where electronic music first ruled and culture was showcased within the emotions of songs. These melodies, drum patters, basslines and guitar licks encapture everything that made 80’s music so radical for it’s time.

Created by one of Synthwave’s best kept secrets, this retro goldmine will provide you with endless hours of sonic inspiration. Inside the pack you’ll find 60 melodic hooks ranging from 85 bpm to 142 bpm. Each remarkable hook contains a plethora of 80’s sounds and loops, with each instrument supplied separately. A full mix is included to showcase the warmth and character of each melody with key information included in all relevant file names.

80’s Synthwave Vol1 will make you reimagine the way you see sample libraries, packed full of retro character and true to the classic 80’s sound, this is the pinnacle of Synthwave.

All loops and samples in the pack are 100% royalty free and ready to download as 24-Bit Wav. These sounds may want you to roll up your suit sleeves, change your hairstyle to something radical and cover your studio in neon. Do not panic, these are standard symptoms when creating 80’s tracks.

80’s Synthwave includes:

24 Bit Quality 2.5GB 60 Melodic Hooks includes: Basslines Multiple Drum Loops Multiple Synth Loops Full Mix 30 FX

Total Samples - 625
Unzipped Size - 2.75GB

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