nolyrics Ultimate Punk Rock Guitar Soundkit

nolyrics Ultimate Punk Rock Guitar Soundkit

POP, Punk Rock Sound Kit - 3GF of Content: +600 Total Files
ROCKSTAR GUITARS ™ - SUPREME ROCK SOUND KIT is your "ONE STOP" product for creating Punk, Trap - Rock beats.

Within this kit, you'll find drums, SFX and transitions samples, melodic loops and one-shots, soundscapes, bass loops, chords with MIDIs, basically everything you'll ever require! ~ 3.0 GB of exclusive sounds that you can't find anywhere else.

+ 100 Drum Samples consisting of:
30x Drag and Drop Drum Loops
30x Universal Drum Fills (Tempo-Synced)
10x Full Already Arranged Drum Tracks (+ MIDIs)

+ 300 Melodic Samples consisting of:
40x Individual Melodic Loops:
60x Guitar Melodic One Shots
15x Guitar Riff (Top Melody) Loops
15x Guitar Chord Loops
10x Bass Guitar Loops
15x Already Arranged Guitar Compositions (Song-starters)
with Stems (WET + DRY), MIDIs and One-Shots.

Extra Sounds:
Ambience Room Sounds, Guitar Picking, Strumming, Guitar Slides, Hum noise, AMP Sound and many more random organic sounds we have captured.

Drum Kit Including:
15x Kick
15x Snare
10x Tom
5x Tom loops
15 crash (divided by velocity) - LOW - HIGH - MEDIUM
15 Hi-hats (8 Half Opened + 7 Closed)
10 Rides
10 Open Hat
7 Extra Sounds (Sticks, Bells and more!)

EVERY SOUND IS KEY AND TEMPO LABELLED. All One Shots are tuned to "C". Everything in this pack is 100% Royalty Free.

3.0 GB of Content
600 Total Files
100 Drum Samples
300 Melodic Samples
One Shots are tuned to "C".
Key Labelled
Tempo Tagged
100% Royalty-Free
Drum Loops, One-Shots, Soundscapes, Organic Loops, Melodic Loops and many more!

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