AKVMA Tearout Toolkit Master Collection

AKVMA Tearout Toolkit Master Collection

Three years in the making, recovered from data corruption, comes my most sought after sample packs of all time, TEAROUT TOOLKIT. Tearout Toolkit is for those aspiring to achieve that high adrenaline sound without compromising on the time spent designing those sounds, I've shortcutted the process for many to get their feet wet but dare to dive into the ocean at your own risk. This sample pack was difficult to pull together and has already been used by so many people I look up to, friends and artists alike, so I hope this pack helps you achieve the sound you desire in your music as a lot of dedication was put into the quality of these samples, not just for Tearout producers, but other producers who want to manipulate and mangle with these samples to fit their needs. Enjoy just a fraction of my POWER.

Contained in the collection are 1100 samples:

- 263 loops
- 837 one shots
- Also include 2 Ableton Live Demo Track Projects from TTK Vol.1 and TTK Vol.2

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