TrakTrain Homesick - Guitar Loop Kit by Noria

TrakTrain Homesick - Guitar Loop Kit by Noria

The "Homesick" guitar kit contains 199 original samples, mostly nostalgic guitar loop melodies inspired by artists such as Lil Peep, Juice Wrld, and XXXTentacion. Composed and played by Noria, a talented guitarist and producer with an established online presence, these loops mostly feature post-processing effects such as ethereal delays and reverbs, which could also make them suitable for styles such as alternative or indie rock. They can, however, be used in a multitude of genres, and this is due to both dry and wet versions of each loop being available in the kit.

This sample pack aims to offer quality as well as flexibility. For example, you can find strummed chords, clean lead melodies, organic guitar sound effects, synth loops, and soft background pads. Some songs sound dark and nostalgic, making them more fitting for emo rap or shoegaze, while others sound brighter and happier.

199 Samples

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